Amazed by openSUSE 11.1 Beta 3

I’ve just installed beta3 using the factory repo. I must say that I’m amazed how crisp and sharp all the screens are (including firefox that I’m using for this post)… this is using the default settings and GNOME. Usually the first thing I had to do was reconfigure font rendering & firefox fonts. Compiz is also enabled by default and it’s all feeling very solid.

Not bad guys! Not bad at all! :slight_smile:


compiz by default? yikes. :slight_smile: I don’t even use compiz, It ruins flash videos and has its problems on my computer, esp with google earth and stuff.

But I look forward to upgrading when the final release is out…

I think, I hope they’ll give us the choice to disable it. I’m Kwin user myself.

Sounds encouraging. I’m really looking forward to the GM.

I have to say though. I haven’t found the need to do anything with the font’s in 11.0

i would prefer an option to choose kwin on install too, more appropriate for a low spec netbook than compiz.