Amarok2 doesn't play after update to 1.92-2.3 with KDE 4.1.2

After updating KDE 4.1 to 4.1.2 along with all my kde4 apps Amarok2 no longer plays anything, when I hit the play button after adding songs to the play list it doesn’t even respond. I know the sound works because Dragon Player works just fine so its not a Phonon problem, or something lower level.

Here is the konsole output when opening it, telling it to play a song and closing in pastebin: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

that is odd wish i could help you on this one but my amarok2 works pretty well so far i just installed it again to try it since i’ve seen some updates for it it works alot better than it did on my end

Try dropping back a version.
Go to yast and select Amarok and click on the version tab


I used zypper install --force kde4-amarok and it installed kde4-amarok-1.92.2-1.1 but it didn’t make a difference, I did exit out of amarok before for reinstalling and started it back up afterwards. Do I need to do a logout-in to apply the change?

Like i said do it with yast you will see the versions and it will warn of any dependency issues
Edit yes probably need to logout to make changes

The version zypper downgraded to is working now, it had something to do with the play list that already built. Once I cleared the playlist and put in a new album Amarok2 started to work again.