I have a problem with my openSUSE 11.4. KDE version. When I try to start amarok immediately is falling down. I must use Clementine. Is it bug or my fault? Thank for answer.

With few words there is not responce or there is a bug?:\

There is a bug on KDE, with Amarok on a 32-bit KDE not working with a recent proprietary nVidia graphic driver update.

The work around for now, is to start Amarok with the command:

strace amarok 

Thank you very much.

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today i had an unpleasant surprise from amarok: it did not want to start, i get the error:
after some search i found something but i did not understand much of a thing, it seems that is about a library called “libtag” or something.
i have solved this problem by replacing packman version with opensuse version and block it from updates.

so, open yast-software management-search for amarok and click on version from opensuse and then accept. after this, go back and set the amarok version not to be updated.

ok you trying to run openSUSE 13.1 or 13.2??? It looks like you may have a mix. You do know that 13.2 is BETA right??? If you are not using the 13.2 beta then whypost to the beta forum??

Looks like 13.1 to me…
And since this thread is about an nvidia issue about 3 years ago, you shouldn’t have appended your post here anyway IMHO.

It looks like you may have a mix.

Might be, so please post the repo list:

zypper lr -d

But I’d rather suspect that this is because Packman has a newer libtag1 (1.9.1) than openSUSE 13.1 (1.8).
Switch libtag1 to the Packman version and Packman’s Amarok should work.
Or stick to the openSUSE version, you don’t miss much anyway as Playback is handled by Phonon and transcoding is done by running the ffmpeg executable if it is installed. OTOH the newer libtag1 might of course have advantages…

Btw, you do not need to look the package as YaST/zypper or the update applet will not switch packages to different repos automatically.

okay, i am very sorry for the confusion, i have posted in the wrong section of the forum. i am using opensuse 13.1.
i did a search using keyword “anarok” in the title and found this thread and never looked at the section.
anyway, the problem was real as you can see in the screenshots.
wolfi323 is right about libtag1, i have 1.8 installed but packman version is 1.9.
for the moment, i will stick with this setting.
thanx to all and once again, sorry for the wrong section.