amarok wont play a cd

my cd with cda files on it plays in kaffeine but it wont play in amarok
Igo to playlist at top then add media scroll to cd-rom on the lfet and pick a cda file but it wont play, what am i missing, i just went thru mmcheck and added what i needed. is it suppose to play in amorok as well?

cd’s play fine in amarok
Any cd should show up in the interface

You could try clementine as a player, some like it better with it being based around the kde3 amarok

id like to get amarok to work! i installed clementine and when i go to music open media and then go to cd-rom on the left under places and pick a tune i get remote files not accepted you can only select local files? what that mean? im trying to pla the tunes off the cd disc


I don’t know quite how I can help.
All I can say is, my CD just shows up in the interface, I don’t use the menu tabs along the top

then you would think mine would too?!:wink:

Indeed. But I can’t control what you understand.

I actually always rip my cd’s and use my Music from the HD.

CD’s are real pain anway

Maybe upgrade KDE, but it shouldn’t be necessary

what is there to comprehend, you said you put in a CD and amarok reads the CD, mine doesnt, we have the same amarok program.

Not necessarily; neither one of you has said what version of Amarok you’re using. There was a bug in Amarok that did affect the version (2.4.0) that shipped with openSUSE 11.4:

Supposedly the problem was fixed in version 2.4.2, so you might try upgrading.

I have 2.4.0, how do I get 2.4.2 for opensuse 11.4 kde its not in software management or online updates. I tried doing an update in online update by right clicking on amarok and choosing update, still 2.4.0.

in package search there is 31 packages which one do i use

I’d use the one in the KDE:UpdatedApps repository.

cool, its working now
after i installed amarok 2.4.3, i deleted the KDE updated repository from yast that amarok put in