Amarok won't automatically add new songs


One question. Stock openSUSE 13.1 Amarok, version 2.8.0 doesn’t automatically add new songs to my local library, even though that option is selected in preferences.
Is it a known bug i don’t know about, or does anyone know a workaround maybe?

Using oS 13.1 KDE, 64bit.

Enjoy the rest of your day guys.


Yes, so it seems.
I have not tested the Packman version, if it’s with AmaroK it might have been addressed.


So as of today, it seems to be fixed. Amarok started adding songs by itself without me doing anything. Any update came through maybe?

Anyway, it seems to be fixed.

No, not as far as I can see, at least not since I last tested it, I believe; but it might be something different behind it.
Are you still using the one from -oss (not packman), by the way?

Hi again.

I am home now and just ran a test, I still have to manually initiate the update library function; no changes to my system.

Hmmm, when i check the repositories, the same version of Amarok seems to be in oss and Packman, and installed in both? Anyways, i have version 2.8.0.-4.2.1. installed and it magically started working.

My experience using Tumblweed Packman updates is that this problem is very intermittent. Clicking on “Update Collection” always works.

Same problem with 2.8.0-9.2 (from the kde 4.12 repo).