Amarok volume muted

This is mainly a curiosity.

At the moment, I have Amarok playing some music for me (Beethoven). The Amarok window is not visible, but the tray icon is there.

If I move the mouse pointer over the tray icon for Amarok, it tells me (among other things): “Volume: Muted”

I have no idea why it does that. The volume is fine. I am enjoying the musing. It certainly is not muted. If I open the main Amarok window, and hold the mouse pointer over the speaker icon there, it tells me “Volume: 88%” which is fine.

At one time, the tray icon also used to tell me “Volume: 88%” (or whatever was the loudness at that time). But now the tray icon seems to think that the volume is muted.

And, sure, I could probably delete all of the Amarok settings files, and start with a fresh configuration. But then I would have to go through the trouble of reconfiguring. I’ll do that when I move to Leap 15.0, but it does not seem worth doing right now with 42.3.

So, yes, I can continue to live with the situation. But if anyone knows a simple fix, that would be appreciated.

Neil, is that KDE? Check the Multimedia module in Systemsettings. I’ve seen this ages ago. Somehow KDE’s volume applet saw my HDMI as the main audio channel. After rearranging the prefered audio outputs, the symptoms were gone. And, yep, I know from experience that indexing 1.5 TB of flacs is something Amarok can do, but it takes quite a while.

Thanks. But I didn’t see anything there that helps. There’s only a problem with the tray icon. The main Amarok window shows the correct information.

Hmm, I fixed it. With the mouse over the tray icon, I used the mouse wheel (which should increase the volume). And it jumped from “muted” to “96%”. And then I could wind it back down to “88%”. I should have thought of trying that before.

Probably a dumb software bug that’s not worth reporting.

I didn’t even know we could do this. Thanks.