Amarok Transcode Dialog Missing mp3 and ogg

In OpenSuse 12.2 and Amarok 2.5 when I attempt to copy unprotected .m4a songs from my iPod into my local library the transcode dialog comes up, but both mp3 and ogg are not listed as options. They are not grayed out, there is just no option for them.

I’ve installed the suse 12.2 restricted media formats as per:

Note Amarok plays .mp3 files just fine, I can rip to mp3 using KaudioCreator, etc.

ffmpeg -codecs | grep mp3
 DEA.L. mp3                  MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) (decoders: mp3 mp3float ) (encoders: libmp3lame )
 D.A.L. mp3adu               ADU (Application Data Unit) MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) (decoders: mp3adu mp3adufloat )
 D.A.L. mp3on4               MP3onMP4 (decoders: mp3on4 mp3on4float )

ffmpeg -formats | grep ogg
 DE ogg             Ogg

ffmpeg and lame versions:


I did find this post, where it is mentioned ffmpeg changed output of ffmpeg -codecs thus breaking Amarok 2.6 with ffmpeg >= 1.0 - but I’m on Amarok 2.5

Thank you for any suggestions.