Amarok on Opensuse 11.4 RC1 64bit KDE new install does not see albums etc.

I have done a fresh install of Opensuse 11.4 RC1, I reused my home directory from Opensuse 11.3. Amarok now does not see the music directory with all the albums, album covers and playlists are missing also. I have done the usual checked the path in Amarok, checked the premissions and owners of the directories etc. Tried rescaning the collection folders all with no luck. It just does not see my music collection with that there is no music. Can some one help solve this problem.

So I am thinking there is an incompatibility between Amarok version 2.4.0 with 11.4 and 2.3.0 that came with openSUSE 11.3 (or at least is the most recent update version with KDE 4.4.4). You will most likely need to delete the Amarok data folder and start over. It is located in your home area as:


You must have show hidden files enabled to see it in your file manager. Close Amarok, remove the folder and restart the application. You could also just create a new user, log in as that user and start Amarok and see that it works OK and can create a new Collection from scratch.

Thank You,

Thank you for your reply. The idea of deleting the data and starting over is extremely painful. I will wait for the gold edition and hope for a solution.

You don’t have to delete “your data”. The file/folder that jdmcdaniel3 refered to is only the configuration files/folder. Deleting this will not touch your data, but will only remove the configuration so that Amarok gets a fresh start.