Amarok not working properly

My Amarok was working properly yesterday(openSuSE 11.1, KDE 4.1), every song was playing nicely. But today I do not know what happened. My Amarok is not playing maximum number of songs from my library. I installed Banshee and the songs are getting played. I do not know what has changed with Amarok since yesterday. And I do not know how to know what is happening wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

You can try to delete the playlist and create a new one

Arcull, I tried doing that, but that did not help… :frowning:

I am not having the same problem but I keep losing my collection for Amarok. I have to rescan my collection every time that I restart. The music is stored on an external hard drive if that means anything.

So long as your external drive is mounted you should be fine.

I’m using amarok2 now. But if you are on 1.4 - Make sure you use amarok-packman and amarok-xine (not yaup). And that you are upto date from Packman.

Today I checked my songs on KDE3-Amarok and everything is working fine. But the same songs are not getting played in KDE4-Amarok. I have also kept packman repo activated…

I have removed the old kde3 ver 1.4 amarok altogether.

I had no trouble with the kde4 ver from the factory repo kde 4.2 - It just worked.