amarok not launch

When i try to launch amarok, it does not launch. Then when i go to command line and try launch from there, get this error message:

amarok: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZTIN6TagLib3Ogg4Opus4FileE

Anyone know how to get amarok to launch again?

Install libtag1 1.9.1 from Packman.

This seems to be introduced by a recent update from Packman.

Thanks for the solution.

When doing his using YaST, it gives two dependancies that require a solution choive. The solution to change to Packman for those two packages should be chosen.

Amarok starts again fine.

This only applies if you use Amarok from Packman of course.

The standard version shipped with openSUSE or the one from KDE:Extra will still work fine with the libtag1 1.8 that’s part of the 13.1 oss repo.

Which is what most people will have because they did the “switch to Packman” move adviced by these forums and elsewhere on the openSUSE web-site.