Amarok not calling k3b

I’m using Amarok 1.4 and when I select the playlist=>burn to CD, k3b doesn’t apear. I get the prompt that asks if I want to make an audio or data disk. Only the Audio CD works; the data disk option doesn’t work.

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I do recall trying this once, way back in kde3 and it didn’t work. I never bother now.

I assume you have the entire KDE3 desktop installed, not just some KDE3-apps in KDE4 ?

sure…??? How can I tell? I know I have a mix of KDE3 and KDE4 packages.

If you have added the kde3 repo
When you view in yast by patterns
Does it give the option for kde3-base and kde3-desktop?
If you check those for re-install, it may pick up missing parts

I have kdebase3 { from kde3 repo with priority 90 and vendor obs://}. Installing it didn’t seem to help.

The above package wasn’t installed btw…

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Just replied in that thread. I have trouble trying to install that player due to dependency hell. Got a repo? LOL

I got this one fixed. Apparently, I had to rollback my k3b install to 1.68 from 1.70.