Amarok login issue?

I am unable to scrobble my account within Amarok. I’m sure the issue has been posted before but thought i would try again.

I have searched and read other peoples results and get this error …
maybe im doing it wrong but . . there is no amarokrc file … can I create it ?

linux-hafb:~ # ~/.kde4/share/config/amarokrc
bash: /root/.kde4/share/config/amarokrc: Permission denied
linux-hafb:~ # su ~/.kde4/share/config/amarokrc
su: user /root/.kde4/share/config/amarokrc does not exist

need to use su - (with the dash to get full root envronment) But not sure why you are going to the /root directory since no config file should be there unless you have been running the desktop as root which you should never ever do! /root is the home of the root user

I was just trying multiple options to see if the file was there . .

the location/file does not exist ? maybe im doing something wrong but even physical navigation the file is not in that location.

Please understand. Amarok is an end user application. It never should be run as user root. It should be run by a “normal” user when he is loged in in his GUI (KDE or whatever). That means also that all files created by Amorok during running by the user is placed in that user’s home directory somewhere. Never in system places, nor in the home directory of user root.

Thus when you were only loged in as your normal user when running Amorok (I hope so), the only places to look for something are the places you have pemission for as that user. I did some searching and found:


Please, next time you post computer text (like you did in your first post), use CODE tags and not QUOTE tags. You get them by clicking on the # button in the tool bar of the post editor.

To add.
There is also

henk@boven:~/.kde4/share/config> l amarok*
-rw------- 1 henk wij  219 12 jul 19:36 amarok-appletsrc
-rw------- 1 henk wij  390 12 jul 22:19 amarok_homerc
-rw------- 1 henk wij 3715 12 jul 22:19 amarokrc

(as you can see in my ~/.kde4/share/config)
But, as the place suggests, these are configuration files. They can not be executed (as you try).

As gogalthorop already said, the fact that that file exists in the home directory of the user root. tells us that you did something terribly wrong. You run Amarok (and thus a GUI login) as root.

SOLVED! Thank you … . yeah I didnt run as root. I guess I was just experimenting. I just switched back . .this time OpenSUSE rather than ubuntu . . soo just getting back in the swing of things after 5 years. Thank you peeps…