Amarok + kde4+.wma = ???

I’m using openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1 on a MacBook.
I’ve installed the codecs (including w32codec) from here but I can’t get Amarok to play .wma files (no problem with .mp3).
On the other hand, VLC plays both file types.
Anything I can do here to get .wma files to play on Amarok?

Try installing the gstreamer from the Packman repository, or switching the engine in amarok from gstreamer to xine.

I haven’t tried the gstreamer from packman to see if it would play wma… but I would imagine it may…

But again, if it doesn’t use the Xine engine.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m using KDE 4.1 and the only engine available to me right now is yauap.
Certainly gstreamer is a gnome thing, not sure about xine but I can’t find the plugin available for install in kde 4.1

Hmmm…obviously I wasn’t looking too hard for the xine plugin as it’s right there in yast software management.:rolleyes:
Installed and now .wma files play fine.
Thanks a lot:)