Amarok/KDE 3 player hangs


I am trying to run Amarok audio player.
I click Next to configure.
There is 1 more Next once I click on it my laptop hangs.
What can be the reason?
Do I need to upgrade to Amarok/KDE 4 ?


The reason ? Would be a wild guess now, but we can find out, if you can answer some questions.
You say you’re running Amarok for KDE3. Which packages? To find out do:
Open a terminal window.
type: rpm -qa | grep amarok
Copy and paste the results here.

Are you running KDE3 or KDE4?

Can you reproduce this, i.e. does it happen every time?
If yes, can you describe where exactly things go wrong?

About upgrading: If you’re running KDE3, you cannot upgrade that to KDE4, but you can install KDE4 alongside KDE3. At the login screen you can choose which KDE you want to run.
If you do decide to install KDE4 as well, please first enable the repos for KDE4 4.2 before installing the KDE4 Desktop patterns. If you need help, please post

I installed fresh OpenSuSe 11.1 two days back.
I mounted windows volumes just now.
I want to play audio files.
I run amarok & it shows 1st screen for 1st time config
On next click it hangs out totally.
Output of your question as follows >

amey@linux-vs5s:~> rpm -qa | grep amarok


Hi Amey,

Please first read and follow instructions on restricted media formats. You will need the Packman repo enabled, have amarok-xine installed, have libxine-codecs installed.
Before we go on, are you running KDE3 or KDE4?
If you’re on KDE4 you’d better install amarok and try that.
But to play mp3 etc you must first do the multimedia / restricted format stuff, otherwise amarok will work, but not play all types of media

You can see what KDE you’re running if you open My Computer on the desktop.


I didnt read your reply.
I am running KDE version 4.1.3 (KDE 4.1.3) "release 4.9

Okey. I’ll download required restricted stuff from packman’s repo and will update here for the same. I am a bit lazy to work for that :wink:
These days most music is available online but still lol! At home I dont have 2 mbps need to play songs which are on HDD.


Update I just checked via Yast. I found
When I check it says > Nothing provides needed by amarock-1.4.10-100
Does it mean I need to download llbmcomp dependancy 1st?