Amarok eats memory.

I’m running Amarok 2.8.0 under 13.1 and KDE 4.13.1. I’ve found that after letting Amarok run for a while, whether playing music or just sitting in the system bar, it starts eating memory. After a day or two, it gets up to 1.3 GB. When I intitially open it, it is not so bad – right now I’m streaming a radio stream and System Activity shows 253.4M. At some point, though, it will start growing until it reaches the 1.3 GB figure according to System Activity. This is clearly excessive. Is this common behavior?

AFAIR that’s a bug with the gstreamer backend. It leaks memory on each song change IIRC.

Try to switch to phonon-backend-vlc instead. You might have to install that first though.

Thanks. This makes sense. I made the switch and I’ll see how it works out.