Amarok does not fetch covers

Since August 2009 Amarok does not fetch covers any more. I tried it on several computers and with both, Amarok 1.4.10 and Amarok 2.0.1 and both do not work. I was told I had to upgrade to a higher version, but how do I do that with all this dependencies? My system is openSUSE 11.1.

two app issues after updating to kde4.3 - openSUSE Forums

It would be better if Amarok didn’t put all of their eggs in one basket. I’ve used a collection manager called gcstar. When I want to look up cover art for my movie collection, it lets me choose the source (Amazon being only one of the choices). Many sources come up empty, and I go down the list until I find one that works. It would be cool if Amarok did the same thing.

That sucks, they put the broken version of amarok as default in 11.2. I wonder if its still broke in 2.2?

Did you not see this thread in Applications? It moved onto cover downloads and migration. :wink: