Amarok CD playback

Hi all.

Originally in 11.3 amarok played CDs fine.

Upgraded to 11.4. Amarok no longer plays CDs. Not issue for me as I rip to CD.

However wife peved off because “it can’t play cds like windows!”

I have checked all multimedia and seems fine. Zypper reports all repos upto date 11.4s and packman repo and libdvdcss repo.

Amarok plays MP3s fine. KCD plays CDs as well, but wife doesn’t like it - no info on the CD being played apart from basic track details.

I think it has something to do with the backed in Amarok its using Xine 4.4.4 at moment but not sure if my system is missing a CD playback codec for xine?

What is bugging me is I can’t recall how I got it working in 11.3 :shame:

any help appreciated thanks Ben.

sorry, update. Amarok shows the CD tracks but no sound…

Does that mean no sound ONLY when playing CD’s, but otherwise OK?

I believe there are some problems with Amarok version 2.4.x: Amarok 2.4.0 Using KDE 4.6.0: how do I play an audio CD? • KDE Community Forums
It applies to me as well, I am on OS 11.2 and KDE 4.5 with Amrok 2.4.0, and I could play audiocd earlier using Amarok. However, Clementine, Bangarang, Kaffeine(kde3) and Audacious works fine (I’ve just tested them all).

In case you have several CD/DVD roms, you might also have to define which one you wish to use for playback: System settings > Hardware > Multimedia.

Both Audacious and Kaffeine do cddb look-up and include track information. Clementine and Bangarang did not do this for me by ‘default’.


yes music from all other sources is fine mp3 etc … however no CD. Only one drive so no conflicts.

I did see earlier posts that Amarok announced they were not supporting CD playback in earlier releases, but their website now refers to CD playback and given it worked in 11.3 can’t see what the issue is now.:\

With me the file doesn’t progress even though Play has been actioned
Is your track actually progressing ?

Hi Caf

there is no progress along the track bar, but the disc spins up.

I think I recall that in the backend option on Amarok before I upgraded to 11.4 I had lame as the preferred decoder. Its now xine and no lame option. I have gstreamer and VLC - gstreamer works fine for everything but no CD playback. VLC crashes amarok lol!.

K3B rips cd’s fine to mp3, flac etc so I think it must be some issue with Amarok. Ripping cds to mp3 via dolphin I get the libsndfile - r error though - which is something else I am trying to sort and had sorted in 11.3

I don’t this is a backend issue or codecs
Just a KDE problem
If there is a bug report on this upstream, add to it

Ripping cds to mp3 via dolphin I get the libsndfile - r error though - which is something else I am trying to sort and had sorted in 11.3

If your’e using Audiokonverter or PACPL there may be some conflicts as I don’t think those applications are back yet to the packman repo. So if your upgrade is recent, those apps might still be the OS 11.3 version ones?

Lots of apps still missing after Packmans migration, at least on OpenSuSE 11.2, though I don’t know if they intend to support the similar software catalogue as they used to do…