Amarok can't play MP3

Whenever I play an mp3 audio track in Amarok, it asks me to install MPEG-3 support. I did these:

  1. Installed the community maintained restricted extras (all installed except for Java due to unavailability of 64-bit dependencies, or due to my lack of knowledge) – doing this enabled Kaffeine to play all my videos

  2. Downloaded the Fluendo mpeg3 codec, and copied the codec’s .so files to the ~/.gstreamer-0.10 folder.

I rebooted twice but Amarok still prompts me that I need to install codecs.

Also, I have tried:
Just Uber » Blog Archive » MP3 on openSUSE - 5 Minute Fix

And I have installed xine-extras
But none seem to work
Any help?

Have a read here, there’s a “oneclick” that should get things working for you


Thanks for replying. But as I mentioned in point 1 of my post, I already installed this restricted format package, except that Java plugin didn’t install. Installing this had no effect on Amarok.

What engine is amarok using. (settings, configure amarok, engine)

WOOT… thanks a lot!!
I changed the engine from Gstreamer yauap to Xine, and it started working…
Sorry for acting noobish, I was born with Ubuntu+Gnome and this Suse+KDE will take some time to get injected within me.
Thanks again.