Amarok broken (again...??)

Probably it is really kde4 (and me :frowning: ), but yet again, after some updates in the last couple of days, Amarok is broken… (Version 2.2.0 on KDE 4.3.2) I suspect this time it is something to do with codecs, as if I click a track, nothing happens (ie doesn’t pretend it is playing, no errors etc.), and same response whatever backend I select.
S’pose I’ll just wait for the next round of updates…

why don’t you post a bugreport?

'cause I usually figure that it’s something I’ve done/installed… and have ended up with a ‘bad mix’ of stuff.
Not confident enough to claim that it is a ‘bug’…

Post result of

zypper lr -d

make sure that you also update taglib

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Backports