Amarok and lastfm (lastfm 0.3.2) not working

I’m using the latest development version of Amarok and liblastfm (compiled from source), the liblastfm source downloaded from here

Using the 0.3.0 version of liblastfm (as suggested by Amarok’s configure script) works just fine.

The thing is the version of liblastfm as found in 11.3 repositories is also 0.3.0 but doesn’t seem to work, also this version also does not work

In summary I think the wrong (broken) version of liblastfm is being used in the repository. It should be 0.3.0 as suggested by Amarok.

Can anybody confirm that if they are running 11.3 and Amarok + liblastfm is installed (from the opensuse repository) that lastfm does or does not work ?