Amarok and Clementine sound card problems

I have an elderly desktop - Asus M3A78 PRO with a Phenom II x 6. A few months ago I migrated from a fully functional 13.2 64bit to LEAP 42.1, currently with KDE 5.5.5 and the 4.1.31-30 Default Kernel. LEAP has been temperamental, but that is half the fun of linux. By temperamental, I mean sporadically spawning many multiple instances of things, or making the items in the Start Menu disappear. I assumed this was Plasma misbehaving, a problem easily solved by switching off and starting again.

What is happening now is more annoying. Amarok has stopped producing sound. I uninstalled it and installed Clementine, which worked. Delighted, I uninstalled Clementine and reinstalled Amarok. No joy, so I went back to Clementine which now doesn’t work, either. Trying to set up sound in Amarok gives me the option of only one sound card, a GF119 which is in the GeForce GT 610 I installed last year. It insists on trying to use the GF 119 HDMI Audio controller instead of the SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) built into the motherboard and which, until yesterday, I have always used. Clementine offers me the choice of cling film on my kitchen sink, or something like that, so I am leaving well alone.

Going to YaST to try to configure sound, I am offered these two soundcards. Azalia (card 0) is configured as it has always been, and produces a test sound. The GF119 hdmi card (card1) does not produce a test sound whether it is configured or not, yet this is the card Amarok seems to insist on using. I note, incidentally, that both use a snd_hda_intel driver.

Can anyone help? If not, I suppose my only option is to buy another graphics card without an hdmi port. As a footnote I will add that apart from the new graphics card last December, and the prompt application of every software update that comes my way, the only other change (apart from migration to LEAP some months ago, was upgrading from a Phenom x 4 to a Phenom II x 6 but that was today - after all the problems mentioned above.

I was going to add as a postscript the fact that videos on news channels have sound, as does YouTube, and my device plays saved mp4 and flv clips, all with splendid sound. HOWEVER, having spotted a little red bar by the now non functioning volume control icon (sorry, plasmoid) at the bottom of the screen, I right clicked on that. Guess what, yet another configuration option, with which I can switch off the hdmi sound card so that Cem and Am can’t detect it. Clem now produces sound, and I am fairly sure Amarok will, too. I have never been aware of this means of configuring sound before, and am delighted to find it does something that can’t be done in YaST or Amarok itself. Could this feature be a recent clever update that somehow revealed a hitherto concealed, unwanted and unused sound card built into a cheap graphics card, or am I just a senile idiot?