Amarok and bluetooth headphones


I hope you will forgive me asking this question as I’m sure it has been covered before; unfortunately, I no longer have internet and have very limited time at the library to do a proper search. I am hoping some kind soul will address me directly…

In order to spare my 89 year old Dad (who has just moved in with me) the sounds of blaring rock n’ roll, I have purchased a Motoroker s-9 headphone and wonder what I must do to get Amarok (not 2, but the latest Guru version) to play to it?

I know pretty much all I need to do bluetooth pairing, but how do I get sound to the headphones from Amarok?

Once again, sorry, but I’m already out of time here. Will check back in a couple days. Thanks!

Sorry, I can’t help under those circumstances as I know nothing about bluetooth and such external headphones, hence I would need many iterations to try and come up with a speculation that might be even in the ball park. Given your lack of Internet, that makes any help I can provide not workable. But I’m posting here in reply to:
a. bump your post (so that others might see and reply), and
b. show you that your post is not being ignored, … I simply know nothing about it.

Might be worth a read and installing bluez-audio?

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