Amarok 2

I’m having a slight problem with the official release of Amarok 2. Mainly, I cannot get it to build my collection. Even with asking it to rescan the collection, it bombs out in the 70% mark leaving me with no Local Collection.

Any ideas on what to do?


I would try maybe deleting the hidden .amarok folder
its in /.kde/share/apps/

When amarok starts as if for the first time you should get to choose the database type

I’m using SQLite. Though NOT Amarok2.

It could be related to this. I seem to recall a thread recently along these lines

@caf4926 Amarok 2 is in ./kde4… and there is no option to change the db. It uses an embedded version of MySQL.
The db is in .kde4/share/apps/amarok/mysqle/amarok

But deleting may help.


Interesting. So no option in ver2
Thanks for that geoffro.

Yes,since it uses embedded MySQL it is much faster. V2 is much better IMHO


So is that installed from the repo’s and do you have issues because it’s not from Packman.

I see that kde4 version is newer, but have not tried it. Is that the version you have tried/are using?

Works really well no issues been using it for ca 2 months

deleting the folder and other amarok files seems to not fix it, it keeps bombing out at 79%

I was thinking maybe it is because my music is on my Vista partition, but that doesn’t make sense since I have been using Amarok 2 for the past few months with the collection on the Vista partition without any problems

Yes it is the KDE4 version

I had similar problem with my collection on NTFS Partition.
There was a bug logged for it, I dont know if it was fixed.


Just a thought…I’ve been having similar issues with Amarok and the size of my music collection (over 160Gb). I found that importing say 20Gb at a time solved the problem and amarok could cope. I know this doesn’t solve the problem and is just a work around (a pain of a work around at that), but it works for me.

On another note I’ve decided to re-import my music as flac, and boy does it sound hot!!! Of course I’m letting amorok import as I go along as I dread to think how big my music directory is going to be when I’ve finished!!!lol!

thanks but it doesn’t matter if there is one album there, or the full collection, it is still bombing out.

You need to install MySQL.It didn’t work with me too but i found a solution which is to install MySQL (it will install mysql and mysql-client). And now it works.