amarok 2 stop playing

hello to all. I have some problem in suse 11.1 64x with amarok 2.
When i install amarok 2 it was all ok. before few days i had a problem with the list of tracks that i load. Even i loaded some tracks i never saw it in track list. I installed MySQL and now it seems to work. but now doesnt hear sound. With amarok 1.4 i can play my mp3 and hear music. with amarok 2 it seems that playing the track but i dont hear anything.

i will appreciate a help.

Have you installed the restricted formats 1-click?

Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

Try shutting down all other applications before starting Amarok, I had the problem that if Firefox started before Amarok, I wouldn’t have any sound under Amarok. If that helps, OldCpu (forum user nick) probably has a better solution for you.

Try using xine phonon backend.