Amarok 2 play .wma

I am simply trying to get Amarok 2 to play wma files in openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.2.

I understand (at least I think I do) about the amarok-xine package, along with the amarok-packman package. The problem is that these only appear to be made for Amarok 1.4. I have Amarok 2.

Is there any way to get Amarok 2 to play wma files? Even if I have to compile something I’m OK with that.



Make sure your libxine1 packages are from the Packman repository ( and not the openSUSE update repository (1.1.15-20).](

Hope this helps!

Yep, got that. I don’t get an error when I try and play a wma. It seems like it’s going to start. I even get the OSD but no sound ever comes out and the bar that is supposed to move as the song goes never starts moving.](

What version of Amarok 2 do you have?

I have the latest version from the kde4 factory repository (2.0.2-24.7)

The only other thing I can suggest is installing 32codec-all.

And also install ffmpeg and make sure you also have libavcodec52, libavdevice52, libavformat52, libavutil49, libpostproc51, libswscale0 (all of these are found by searching for ffmpeg).

Hope this helps!

Yep, I’ve got the same version of Amarok and all of those files installed. Still no luck. I would expect to get a codec error but it seems like it’s playing just no sound. MP3’s have great sound.

Is ffmpeg a whole engine like xine?

Yeah I think so.

Do you have the QT repository? If so…

Do you have the latest QT packages installed?

I have version 4.5.

Running Amarok in the terminal seems like anytime I play a song it uses a Qstring, which is why I ask about QT. But at this stage I’m just guessing.

Edit: Also check to see if you have phonon-backend-xine installed (latest version 4.3.1-28.12)

Post result of

zypper lr

I would like to see what repos you have enabled

Are those wma-files DRM-“protected”?

If yes, forget about it (and stop using this crap).

I’m having exactly the same problem. VLC player can play the .wma files just fine (they’re technically .wma (vbr)), but Amarok is refusing to play them (as is Songbird -and Banshee doesn’t work at all for some unknown reason). I have installed every single codec that all the guides and whatnot have recommended and have all the right repositories as far as I know.
Any ideas?

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Check the details of the HowTo carefully.
You may need to switch to Xine for playback in audio