Amarok 2 on KDE 4.3

Hi Guys,

I inadvertently installed KDE 4.3. I need to know how to install amarok 2 on it. It wants me to downgrade to 4.2.3

Any help?

Post the entire dependency error, you can use the expert button in the box to save it to file.

Nm, I’m downgrading to 4.2.3

I find that KDe 4.3 actually uses WAY less memory than 4.2. Have you noticed that?

I hadn’t noticed, I’m only trialling 4.3 and never checked the memory footprint yet.

Use the 42’ repo’s I gave you in the other post to roll back

Yea, thanks. I hope it got everything to roll back. Had some dependencies errors. I’m hoping the ones I told to downgrade was the 4.2.85. I can’t remember