Amarok 2 not creating collection.db

Hi together,

I just did a fresh install of OS11.1 and also installed Amarok 2.

When I try to let Amarok 2 scan my music folders, it stops after 80% without error message and nothing happens - no entries in the music collection.

It creates collection_scan.files in ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok but seems to fail to create the collection.db.

Could someone point me in the right direction where to start with troubleshooting (e.g. which logfile ?)

Thanks very much.


Install mysql.

Hi again,

well that was fast :slight_smile:

Installing mysql did the trick, thanks a lot.

I was under the impression that Amarok2 uses ‘mysql embedded’ and therefore there is no need to install the mysql package. Guess I got something wrong about the embedded part :wink:

Anyway, it works and thank you for the help !


Well i’ve been told it’s a workaround and not a proper solution. Until they fix that (it’s problem in the code not Yours) we need mysql :wink:
I also run on this problem and was thinking immediately about amarok 1.4 :wink: