amarok 2 messing up the tags of audio files

i am using amarok 2 on suse 11.i did an update and when i saw the local library the tags were all completely messed up.i have about 65 gb collection and editing all of them is one herculean task.well i know there is no other way but i would like to know if it is a bug in amarok or is there something wrong in my configuration.
i am using mysql database as amarok’s backend.

You can fix this with easytag which you can get here
Or from yast if you have the packman repo


yes i use easytag to edit the tags.but my question is why does it happen so with amarok ??i used the earlier version for over a year with a problem.the version 2 is giving me all sorts of problems.
now not a single album is proper having some other album name ,some other gener and composer. :’(

Thats true, same here , amarok messing all tags. titles everything,. i play spiritual songs and it plays film songs and i play filmy songs and it plays other things, why is no one serious about it,.