Amarok 2: how to remove the middle panel

Playing around with 11.2 RC2 since a few hours.
This is my first encounter with Amarok 2. Still trying to find everything I used in Amarok 1. But one thing annoyes me.

Right in the middle of the window is a panel for which I see no use. I found I could remove the things that are in there, but now there is a text that orders me to push the + and to add things (never in my …). I managed to move the borders at the left/right of it to make it smaller, but still a piece of annoying, space taking, part of the panel is there.

Did anyone succeed in removing it completely and does she/he want to share the howto with me?

Many thanks in advance](](](](

I hope this is helpful. Also note the little "x"s in the corner of the boxes. You can also drag the boxes onto each other and they tab (not shown).

Thanks superppl,

It looks very promising and from the second picture on I think I understand what to do. But I feel a bit dumb, I still can not get the menu from the second pic. I suppose some right clicking somewhere? I clicked around like mad >:(

Sorry, you made a lot of effort making those pictures for me and I am still stuck.

It wasn’t a problem to make these pictures, but it just occurred to me that they can be a little misleading; I don’t think we’re using the same amarok version. Those little menus are available on the latest version (2.2.0 I think), whereas opensuse 11.2 will be shipping with 2.1.1, which does not have those options.
If you are using 2.1.1, you can go to Settings menu, and click on Configure Amarok. There should be a option with a check box that states “Hide context view” that should do what you want.

Hi superppl,

That did the trick. I never would have thought that the annoying panel was “the context view”. Thanks a lot.

I have another question about something amiss in Amarok 2, but will leave that to tomorrow and a new thread.

it is easy to do

select settings/general tab
in that dialog is a check box labeled
hide context view

check that one and that will hide middle panel

lol, you’re not alone @hcw, I don’t understand Amarok 2 either!

It is extremely confusing, there is so much junk presented that it took me a few minutes just to figure out how to start playing!

I tried it yesterday in RC2 and find it extremely odd. It played through one rotation of Wagner and now won’t play anything at all!

Very strange :sarcastic:

I used to goto Playlist > Collection > 50 shuffled ones (I have a dutch translation, bbut I hope you understand where I go. In Amarok 2 after much clicking I managed to get a playlist of some out of my collection, but I can not repeat it (you have to write down everything >:( ) and there are way less then 50 in the list. >:)

I have a similar problem. I cannot figure out how to get amarok to show the playlist section. I didn’t lose a playlist or anything, the playlist section just isn’t showing up, (it did when I first opened it, I must have accidently closed it somehow).

I’m running v. 2.1.1

At least i got the codacs working without bugging you guys;)