Amarok 2.4 in R45

They just pushed amarok 2.4 in to the release45 repo

Seems nice.

I’m not sure what’s been decided on kde4.6
But they were discussing a repo for it. Oh, and lookout, they may change the naming policy again.

Great news! :slight_smile: Will update soon

can we expect this in 11.4?

Yes I would think it will be in 11.4

that would be rawesome.

will amarok finally be able to do bouncy VFD style graphics again (sorry for poor description)?

i understand that it was impossible in the past because phonon could not forward the necessary data, has this now been corrected?

Even with “a completely rewritten collection scanner” it still fails to scan my collection. Hangs at 36%.

I’m running 11.2 Gnome and currently using Exaile | Music Player for GTK+ ]. I’ve tried Songbird, Clementine, Listen, Banshee, Rhythmbox, and probably others. All were able to successfully read all mp3/flac files. Not looking for help, when time permits I’ll try to determine where/why it hangs. This is just to let everyone know there is still a scanner issue (at least for me). Hope others have better luck.

Did you try removing the old amarok config files?

the last time I tried amarok I think it’s config files were under .kde and I deleted that when I removed that version. The amarok config is now located in the users .kde4/share/apps and it was a clean install of 2.4 from the updated repository so there should not have been prior version files.


This folder: .kde4/share/apps/amarok

These files:


Just in case you want to try/check

Tried twice. prior to seeing the above, I deleted just the amarok folder. Then tried again after deleting the folder and the three files mentioned above. In both cases the scan hangs at 52% – which I guess is progress. I also noticed amarokcollectio stuck at 100% cpu. i’m going to try to scan specific folders to see if that narrows the problem, but it really is ridiculous to have to debug such a basic function in a mature, widely used program.

No happening here.

I wonder, is your collection on an external HD?

Sorry for delay. Not external, local raid1, ext3.

I did some further testing and I thought it may be tag related, but removing those files just caused it to hang elswhere. Thank you for helping, I’m done with Amarok for now. Will try again with a full kde install when the next 11.4 milestone is released.