Amarok 2.4 crasing at each start

Hi :wink:
I have a problem with amarok crashing all the time almost, at then end using ‘strace amarok’ from console allowed to open it.
Is there a way to solve this ? (at kde forums their advice is to contact distribution packagers) : details provided here Amarok 2.4 is crashing at each start • KDE Community Forums

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Do you have a NVIDIA graphics card and if you do are you using the closed source drives?

Yes, i have geforce 7900 gs and i’m using nouveau 2 D driver.

Is this a 32-bit openSUSE install?

yes it is a 32-bit openSUSE install

This is a bug which affects 32-bit installs of openSUSE only. Unfortunately the bug hasn’t been resolved yet AFAIK. Running

strace amarok

is the workaround at the moment until the bug is resolved.

ok, thnak you :wink:

No problem :slight_smile: