amarok-2.4 crashes upon launch

When I launch amarok-2.4.0 under KDE 4.6 it alwasys crashes with the error message symbol lookup error: amarok: undefined symbol: _ZN7OcsData8addDonorERK7QStringRK12KAboutPerson

What is wrong here?



could be mismatch between Amaork and a lib in kde, where’d you get Amarok? which repo? which version?
did you just update kde? Amarok? did it work earlier?

Open a terminal and write


Send the output here.


I installed KDE 4.6 from the original openSuSE 11.4 distribution.

Above described error message was copied and pasted from a terminal used to lauch the app.



Run this in your terminal and tell me the installtion process of KDE 4.6

“Symbol lookup error” means there is a library version mismatch

You could try different version of Amarok, Search Results

what version of kdelibs4 ? So you did a clean install, not an upgrade?

what version of kdelibs4 ? So you did a clean install, not an upgrade?

About amarok I want from you to run it in terminal and post here the output
Second About KDE 4.6 I want the installtion process.

Not trying to dig up a dead post but this seems to have been unanswered and I’ve just had the same problem. The fix is somewhat odd but it solves the issue. If anyone else runs into this just delete the playlist file in :

For some reason, twice now for me, this file seems to get corrrupted when it’s written.

Hope this helps.