amarok 2.4.90

Has anyone had any luck with the latest version - which needs libqt 4.7.90?

I’ve tried it from factory and also from kde factory but there is no sound using xine as the backend and using gstreamer as the backend plays fine but gives a crash message on closing the programme.

I’m using 2.4.3 but have had the best results with the VLC backend. AFAIK, the xine backend is no longer supported. I have the git version on Arch and am using the the VLC backend with good results. Even CDs play, if it matters to you.

thanks for posting. it must have been a problem with the rpm as a replacement version (2.5.0) was added to the factory repo yesterday and works fine.

i am giving vlc a go as the backend - so thanks for that

Do let us know how it comes out. I’ve had better luck with vlc lately. I saw on a KDE site that they recommended the vlc backend, but of course now I can’t find the link. I did find this;, which says xine is not maintained.

Phonon no longer uses xine. Since amarok uses phonon, then that would be correct that it no longer supports xine. You can use pulseaudio, gstreamer, vlc-phonon, and I think there are others.