amarok 2.4.3 not working after update

How to downgrade mysql ?? He has not one file, i mast downgrade all? I am new user in linux and have limited traffic .

No, not everything, just the mysql packages.
Start Yast-Software-Software management
Search for “mysql”
To downgrade, click on a libmsql pacage, click on the version tab, tick the radiobox for the version 5.5.16-3.3.1
Do this for the libmysql* packages, and the mysql-community-server* packages.
Then restart mysql:

su -c 'rcmysql restart'
(enter rootpassword)

Thanks all work!
But … is the way to downgrade package with zypper ?
And how in Yast see a true size(not of full package) of upgrading?

Thanks Knurpht, that did the trick !!

I tried this - as I have the same problem. The next thing is that online update (should we follow up) reverts the mySQL support to the latest entry - so we get back to square one again!
I’ve downloaded the clementine and banshee offering, but they don’t seem to have quite as good ‘looks’ as Amarok does when it runs ok. I wonder if anyone really has a fix that includes these latest mySQL updates?:\

In YaST Sotfware Manager donwgrade and then lock MySQL packages.