Amarok 2.2.1 & Equalizer

Hello Everybody!

This is my first post on OpenSUSE forums, so I try to ask as hard question, as I can :slight_smile:

So, the problem is with equalizer in Amarok 2.2.1 in OpenSUSE 11.2 KDE 4.3.3.

It’s simply disabled. Yes, I know that’s a phonon problem in fact. But, as far as I read, I can compile latest phonon from snapshot, to get eq in Amarok2 working.

But is there more simple way, than compiling? I tried to be smart, and I downloaded phonon in .rpm for factory version, but it screams for pretty important dependency - libqt.

Any ideas?

C’mon people! I know, that I’m not the only one, who loves equalizer:)

For now Amarok doesn’t really have one,it may in the future.
I personally am not holding my breath for them to do so.(they consider it a toy)
If you really need a music player with an equalizer, my recommendation is Audacious. Audacious is a very simple player with an equalizer & I find it quite intuitive. It’s in the Packman repos.
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But on Chakra (Arch Linux distro) equalizer is working, so I suppose it’s possible to enable it.

Any ideas? Audacius is preety cool player, but I prefer Amarok. So far I use songbird, but I’d prefer native KDE application.

I dont think Amarok in openSUSE is equipped for it, each distro has its own sets of libraries and packages so what is true in distro A is not so in distro B.

You have really answered your own question.

You can get the correct phonon version from the unstable KDE4 repositories. This means that you will also need the QT46 repo as well.

However, the repos are exactly what they say: unstable…

So let’s state it official - It’s impossible, right? Few days back qt 4.6 was released - mayby if I add some repo…?

It’s really a combination of packages that can likely be sorted by either waiting to see if the online updates eventually patches the current versions of software that oh by the way makes the eq work (slowest method), or by carefully selecting the repositories that will bring a later revision of amarok, libphonon, phonon-backend-xine, libffmpeg0 (likely that’s packman), libxine1 stuff.

The current debian testing, combination on debian includes a working eq in amarok, which I’ve been enjoying as it works nicely. A full gui of it is within amarok preferences and a preset list is included in the amarok menu drop-down so I don’t need to open the preferences to use it.

As you’ve already posted (and been reminded) about some of the packages to look for in the repos, you may experiment away with adding repos and upgrading certain packages. Note that upgraded kde libraries might be necessary for things to work properly. And that you will be getting into the realm of using packages that are not officially supported/bug-fixed by online-updates and will be dependent upon keeping the added repos active and regularly upgrading with them in order to receive any fixed, which also come along with new features and new bugs!

Safer will be to do without the eq unless officially brought in by the update service using the updates repo (and of course oss and non-oss, and packman if you use it for multimedia-packman folks may at some point want to patch in the required stuff if there is a calling for it and it isn’t that much required. Or not because, hey, it does look like more than a simple player upgrade.)

It depends upon whether you want to use a safe strategy or go more on your own and track some of those next opensuse development repos. I used both methods on opensuse in the past and can tell you I was happiest sticking with the officially supported (well, except for packman) safe method. Too much watching tons of updates and occasional dependency tweaking on a manual basis for my taste.