Amarok 1.4 won't scan collection

OK so I started Amarok for the first time and set up my media folder etc etc. No in the Context window it said it was building my collection, it was running very slow so I had to leave it over night. I get up in the morining and clicked the Collection tab, and nothing, no collection nothing at all.

What info do you guys need for this? I really am getting desperate for some music and Amarok seems the best way :slight_smile:

Have you installed mysql and mysql-devel? I think it needs it. Though that’s possibly for the later versions…

How do I do that?

OK I upgraded my Amarok and it is working perfectly, now I am wondering if there is an artwork desktop display or plugin or something similar?

Sorry for late reply. Erm, not sure about what you’re asking about, so can’t help you there. Answer to previous question was “through YaST”. But you have it working now, so it’s irrelevant I suppose. In fact, I’ve just written a totally pointless post. Ah well.