Am I wearing out my SSD with kTorrent

I am currently running kTorrent to “host” the openSUSE DVD and the live version. I noticed it actually does some writing to disk, as well as reading of course.

Just from watching conky it looks like it writes an average of 20K a second on my ~/ partition and about 3K per second on my /root partition.


  1. Is there any harm to wearing out an SSD from this usage on my ~/ or /root partition?

I am sure I can crunch the raw math/bits but I thought maybe someone else has already done it or has a good general idea.

If it is a newer SSD it will probably last longer than a hard drive regardless. If you are concerned you might look up tips to increase life time with ssds.

I never considered this, good point. I guess I am still thinking about the first couple generations of ssd, the ones I am using are newer.

Last longer than a HDD?
When I first started hearing that, I’ve really wondered what the technical basis for that wa…

If drive is subject to shocks, then I’d say yes.
If subject to pure read/writes only, I’d doubt it purely because of the extra electron activity involved.
If SSD traps go bad vs HDD surface go bad, because SSD is both smaller capacity and vastly more expensive, when traps or sectors are marked bad the SSD will almost certainly have less excess capacity.

The way bittorrent works does many more writes than regular file copying and unlike regular file copying seems to rarely write temporary files to standard temp locations, often in the same directory or near the final file location.

So yes, I would want to consider the potental impact on the life of the drive. If you’ve been running bittorrent for awhile, you can capture your drive’s lifetime statistics using SMART, then do some calculating on your own.


I just torrent directly to an old internal SATA drive, bypassing the SSD which is just for home and system files. I’m pretty sure that torrenting onto the SSD would not be faster and wouldn’t be good from the reads/writing point of view.

Then again, I think torrenting slows everything down somewhat. Firefox with 300 tabs is slower when ktorrent is running, faster when it is not. However it’s vital to keep torrenting all those Linux disks…

Thanks for the advise, I have now moved the two torrents to a usb3 drive so that should help.

I am still getting plenty of hits to my SDD on / though…Does anyone know if kTorrent uses a /tmp file or should I be looking into that at all? Again, ill researched wondering but someone might know the answer off hand if not I will research it later.