Am I going mad? K3B and .iso images

For some reason I cannot seem to get K3B to create a simple .iso file!

I want to clone an audio CD and I could swear that K3B always saved them as a .iso image.

Now all it seems to support is .img and it also creates a .toc file. Plus for some unknown reason the image that it creates fails the md5 checksum!

This never happened before, I’m absolutely sure of that. I used to simply select “image only” and it just worked.

Also it won’t even save the settings that I put in.

This is the same for both KDE3 and KDE4 versions under a (relatively) clean 11.1 64 bit install.

This is driving me nuts!

Well an audio CD can’t be represented by an ISO image so that wouldn’t have been possible. Some other kind of image perhaps. And as you have seen each track can be saved as a sound file and then a table of contents is needed.

Are you tried to creat ISO with DiskDump?
Here is an example:

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cd.iso

Hope that helps.


Sorry, I have had a headache for 3 days and a bad cold for nearly 2 weeks, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time!

I didn’t realise that audio CDs were a completely different process than data CDs, as I have never copied one before! I simply converted all the CDs I owned to mp3 files then threw the CDs in the bin (I hate carrying extra junk with me when travelling!).

But it is odd that K3B (only the KDE4 version) won’t save the settings I specify, and also it fails the md5 check on the files it created!

Plus it says that it writes the CDs but it only messes them up!

I ended up following the command line instructions that a friend gave me and it worked perfectly.

I will give your instructions a go too next time Andreas, thanks for that suggestion :).