always using live DVD boot no HDD

I am using OpenSuse 11.4 Live DVD always booting up on Intel Core 2 quad 2.4ghz 64bit Ram 3g

Can i save update file on a USB or external HDD?

I want to always boot up using DVD or USB. I have already updated the OS and Firefox but loose it when i turn off the computer.

do not know what to look for the files or maybe i could point external HDD. i also figure the files are stored in the RAM since their is not internal HDD.

Why do i do it:
its a fast system but need to sign into web site since this is a work computer with all program web based with no local storing

Thanks for all your help…

A warm welcome here.

I’m not quite sure whether I understand your “question”.

Do you want to run openSUSE from the Live-DVD media stored on a USB drive/external disk? Or do you want to install to an external USB disk.
The computer has no HDD of it’s own, or the internal disk cannot be used?

It is very well possible to install to an external disk/USB drive, leaving any internal disk untouched. Connect the USB-drive, boot from the LiveDVD, follow install instructions, but …at the partitioning stage, change the suggested partitioning. Create your “/”, “/home” and “swap” partition on the external disk, at the bootloader stage, make sure it gets installed on the external disk, remove any entries pointing to other than the openSUSE install on the external disk. That’s basically it.

----if i get this right i will have to make a /, /home, and swap on USB
----if the USB is bootable do not opensuse write on it too
----then i would not need a external HDD but only if i need to save larger files i.e. software or photos