Always got this 'Flash Error' pop up.......

Using 12.1 KDE x86,always got this error about flash,but flash running fine,youtube video going smooth. What’s it about?

I found an interesting link on the subject here: Quick Tip: How to Debug an AS3 Error #2044 | Activetuts+

The link says this on the error:

As you might be able to surmise from the fact that Error 2044 crops up with Loader and URLLoader in use, this error has something to do with the loading of external files.

In fact, the error has something to do with the failure to load an external file. As the fake URL in my code snippets would suggest, the file we are trying to load is having a problem of some sort. Most likely it’s a case of the file being unreachable; this might simply be a mis-spelled URL, or a URL being created dynamically resulting in a bad location, or because the server or network is down at the moment.
However, Error 2044 is not accusing you loading a bad file. That’s going to happen. We can’t control the network, so a load failure is bound to happen at some point. Error 2044 is accusing you of not being prepared for when that happens.

So, it could be a bad URL or I don’t know what, but I might get right of any old URL links you are using to go to YouTube perhaps.

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