AltGr not working under Leap 42.1 and strange keyboard behavier


I have installed Leap 42.1 and I´ve notice a few things with my keyboard. Details:

laptop: Acer Aspire 5349
system: openSUSE Leap 42.1 64-bit
in YaST2 -> keyboard -> US International selected
in YaST2 -> Language -> Primary language -> English US; Secondary language -> Bulgarian
in System settings -> Hardware -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Hardware and Layout ->
Hardware - Generic | Standard keyboard for PC with 105 keys - International
Software - Us-int. + Bg phonetic

The problems are:

  1. The AltGr is not working at all. At boot it is operational but after starting Leap it doesn´t work.
  2. The ´ and ¨ and ` and ~ are working after two hittings only! When I change the input from US_INTl to BG the keys beside the AltGr are working.

How to solve the problem and what additional info would be needed?

Just for info - I tried the keyboard under Linux Mint 17.3 Live DVD and it is working as it should.

Obviously the problem I have describe above is not common as there are no suggestions, yet?