Alternative to vLite for Linux

Since I’m planning a Windows 7 + openSUSE dual-boot, and I need to burn an ISO to disc with some configuration, I was directed to an application called vLite which can configure Windows Vista before install. According to some sources, vLite should be able to configure Windows 7 as well. Unluckily, vLite is designed for Windows and Windows alone, and I couldn’t even get it to run on my Linux box using Wine.
So I need to know if there is a free program that does the same thing as vLite and yet runs natively on Linux, or at least runs under Wine.
Remember: the most important feature this program needs to have is the ability to split an ISO into several pieces each to fit on one CD, so I don’t need a huge DVD to burn Win7 onto.
Only answer if you are sure such an application will work, please.