Alternative to lm-sensors?

Greetings All,

Is there some other module that can be used to monitor motherboard temperatures? I have an Asus M4A79T motherboard, and I cannot get any temperatures sensors to work in Linux.

Running sensors-detect shows:

Driver `to-be-written’ (should be inserted):
Detects correctly:

  • ISA bus, address 0x290
    Chip `ITE IT8720 Super IO Sensors’ (confidence: 9)
  • Chip `AMD K10 thermal sensors’ (confidence: 9)

So it looks like that the nice folks who support lm-sensors have not gotten around to supporting my motherboard. It also looks
like either the plug has been pulled on their website, or I have the wrong url. I tried both, & http::// with no luck.

I CAN monitor the temps in BIOS, but that doesn’t allow me to do much useful work :slight_smile:

Thanx in advance.


Your board (Phenom) uses the k10 module instead of the current k8 module in lm-sensors. It is supposed to be in lm-sensors 3 when ever that is out(?). You can try to do it manually if your feeling brave:](