Alternative to Keytouch

Hi all,

I have a generic multimedia keyboard that wasn’t working natively, so I make a quick search and found that some users, with the same problem, are using Keytouch, but now this program is killing my cpu, consuming something about 80% of process.
Is there some alternative program or somebody knows how to configure the multimedia keys natively?


You can try to set different keyboard type in Sax2. But I recommend Keytouch. For me it’s solved my problem. Maybe it uses 80% from CPU, but you need to configure your kbd just once.
Good luck.

Keytouch solved my problem, but it’s not normal a program like that consuming 80% og CPU usage as I said I have a generic made in china multimedia keyboard and there’s no generic multimedia driver in Sax2…

So… it’s solved! Great! :wink:

Man, if you are going to reply anything, please don’t. Do you know english? The topic subject is “Alternative to Keytouch”, got it? Alternative


Hmmm… Interesting - I thought you just want to configure your keyboard. But no, you want to find an alternative program to do this.
Sorry, here is an alternative: LinEAK project.

ps.: I’m not speaking English very well, but I hope you can understand what I want to suggest. - and no, I don’t want to reply anything, for post-farming I have an account on KDE-forums. :wink:

thanks a lot dude, now we’re speaking the same way :wink:

Well, the project site isn’t working. I can’t access the download area (neither other areas instead of “news”) and lineak is only avaliable in openSUSE 11.0 repo’s and my version is 11.1

Any how can I install it?

thx again :wink:

according to webpin, keytouch is the only thing for 11.1. Did you install through the packman repo?

Index of /suse/11.1

It sounds like there is something not right. It should not be taking 80% cpu. I have keytouch and it barely registers anything.

Add the above repo to your list and see if yast can find any missing dependancies.

You can browse the sourceforge site instead Linux Easy Access Keyboard. Here you can access the Download area.
Good luck.