Alternative to K Mail that will import K Mail mail folders

I installed OpenSuse 12.1 several days ago. Previously I used the OpenSUSe 11.4 without problems. Before installing 12.1 I copied my entire /home folder to another drive on the platform. after installing I set up K Mail for the mail client. There are a couple of problems with K Mail, being 1) it seems very slow and a resource hog compared to K Mail in 11.4. Second, the K Mail import utility will not import my mailboxes from the /home folder copy I made on the second drive.

I had hoped to, since the import utility did not work, simply copy folder contents of K mail into the new system folders. However I have not even been able to so far find where K Mail under 12.1 stores the local folders.

I am curious about whether there is a good, light weight alternative to K Mail for 12.1, and moreover one where archives may be imported easily. Thunderbird stores are in a different format so that is a problem. I have so far been unable to make Evolution work with G Mail.

Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. I like 12.1 very much both on resource usage and the ease in which it was to install and set up. however I can not figure out why anyone would want to do anything to K Mail, particularly the nightmare it seems to have evolved into. But…maybe I am wrong.

Platform is an Intel Core Quad with NVidia graphics cards driving dual monitors and 2 GB of RAM.
Warmest regards and thanks very much for any suggestions or input


I thought I might post this as a possible help to others who find similar problems. I was able finally to get the mail from K Mail imported to K Mail 2 using Dolphin and dragging and dropping.

There are a couple of curious things about the file structure in K Mail2. On my system the local folders are under /home/local/share/local-mail. now under the local-mail folder exists 3 folders- cur, new and tmp. If you examine the file structure in K Mail2 from the GUI under Local Folders are the usual-- Inbox, Outbox,sent mail, drafts, templates and Trash. However I could find NO where that this is reflected in the system file tree using Dolphin. I even added an “Inbox” folder using the KMail2 GUI. It shows up as a second inbox under local folders in the GUI but does NOT show up in home/local/share/local-mail. Furthermore (and it gets a bit stranger) I decided to try using Dolphin to copy existing folder contents from K Mail to K Mail 2 (this needed to get done-- I needed access to my mail archives). In dragging mail folders from K Mail to K Mail 2 one can put them in local-mail. They appear in Local Folders under the GUI but there is no access to the separate boxes i.e. inbox/sent/trash/drafts &c&c. Although the GUI says these folders exist, according to Dolphin they do not. So now I have all of the different boxes agglomerated in local-mail. All of the contents are accessible through Local Folders but it is impossible to put anything in the supposed boxes that exist according to the GUI but do not.

To reiterate, on my machine exist the local folders in K Mail2 in /Home/local/share/local mail (note these are hidden folders, you need to enable the ability to view these in Dolphin. From K Mail, the local mail folders are /(user name)/kde4/share/apps/mail/… and from here you have the different folders.

I hope this helps others facing thesame type of KMail 2 problems.

As described in the following thread, I just went back to the old Kmail by temporarily enabling the 11.4 repo.

This will keep me going until I decide what to do long term.

I’ve considering using a Dovecot imap server - then kmail2 or kmail would just be used as a client. It’s pretty easy to get Dovcot working with my existing KDE folders (some need to converted by using kmail to copy them out of mbox format into new maildir format). But I need a good solution for collecting mail from my ISP and filtering. I could return to procmail etc, but I’d like the GUI filter config in kmail (it means other users don’t need to understand the command line to setup filters). I was considering trying to hack the filtering and MTA out of the old kmail code base, but my C++ is pretty rusty and I never much liked the language. I should give Thunderbird a look I suppose.


Many thanks for the kind link and info. I never seriously considered trying to retrogress to the earlier version due to the dependency tangle. I dont care much for Thunderbird’s mail client having tried to use it a couple of times both under Windows and Linux. As I read your post I was trying to remember the last time I did any coding and I think it was in 1998 in Mexico, trying to hack /dev files for an unsupported monitor :slight_smile:

In my childish enthusiasm I also loaded 12.1 on my laptop and have not to date faced that e mail question so your experience getting 11.4’s K Mail to work will resolve that problem for me.

All for now. Spent literally all of last night digging garbage out of the Windows 7 Home laptop of a kind neighbor who ran it since new–~ 1 year-- with no updates and no AV protection-- and apparently the firewall off. And of course no backup to the family photo albums…Jesus.

Again many thanks for the kind post. I will update after rolling the (my) laptop back to the earlier version. I think I recall with the Thunderbird method of archival one may not read the contents of the folders directly. In an end of the world scenario where nothing will work any more --with K Mail at least each e mail is a separate .txt file which may be parsed with nothing more than a working text editor, a candle and a rusty hammer.