Alternate installation

So i built my perfect revision of SUSE, problem is the iso is 1.7gbs and if i trim it down it wouldn’t be as good as i want it to be. So what i need to do is install it to my 20gb hdd (i know it’s tiny) somehow, i have the live iso and disk image built already and it would be incredibly easier if the installation involved one of those two. i have a 4gb flash drive and access to a 250gb external hdd. If anyone has any suggestions of a live cd that could write the .img file to my hdd that would be a great help. thx.


What you want to do is not clear… :open_mouth:

Can you state clearly what is the problem?

In short, i cannot install my customized version of open SUSE, i just need some means to install it, however i do not have a DVD r/w.

Can you boot on a USB key? If so, check this : SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE

Thanks a bunch, XD been a lot help