Alt + Tab Not Working In Compiz

Hi, I just installed Compiz for KDE in my OpenSUSE 11.2. I use Compiz for my window manager but there is a problem. When I press Alt + Tab there is nothing happen. Is there anything I need to configure in Compiz? :\

A good problem report has three items:

  1. what you did (pressing Alt-Tab);
  2. what you expected to happen (???);
  3. what happened (nothing).

I am missing #2.

Oops… Sorry for my incomplete report. If we open two or more windows, usually we can press Alt+Tab for switching between those windows. If we enable the desktop effect, there might be thumbnails for those windows too.
My problem is I can’t switch between opened windows when I press Alt+Tab if I use compiz as my window manager.
Any solution?

I am not a compiz user, but you are sure that this feature, which doies exist in some window managers is also documented to work in compiz? After all each windows manger has it’s own features and there is no law that they should all have the same ones (would make it less attractive to switch :slight_smile: ).

This feature does exist in Compiz, only I am not sure whether it’s enabled by default.

super_newbie, you should find an option for that in the CCSM (Compizconfig settings manager).

If you run CompizConfig Settings Manager and check that Window
Management -> Application Switcher is active if it is open it and check
that ‘Next Window’ is set to <Alt> Tab.

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Hi malcolmlewis,

Thanks for the information. It works now :).