ALT+TAB in GNOME Shell freezes Games

Hello everybody,

I’ve actually searched a lot around to get an answer but … well, I couldn’t find at least one more person with the same problem so I now have to ask here.

I’m actually trying the “new” GNOME Shell since openSUSE 12.3 and I get more and more into it. In openSUSE 12.3 there was a problem (for me) on two machines that if I ALT+TAB out from a native or wine game, the game itself freezes … however only the screen was freezing, I was able to click around and press Escape and I get the typically sound a game is making when you go into the menu and so on.
At this time I thought “must be a bug in openSUSE 12.3 GNOME build … I can wait …”. Now I’m gone forward to openSUSE 13.1 on both machines and the same thing now is happening with the GNOME 3.10.x Releases.

Then I’ve tried some other desktops, for example KDE and Cinnamon and tested if I would get the same result here. On KDE and Cinnamon there was no problem like this. Alt+TAB does not freeze anything here.

As my last step I asked some Fedora and Debian Users with GNOME Shell and they are saying “No Problem here”. So, what can I do to fix this? Is this really based on openSUSE (eventually somebody can confirm or decline this) or is this something related to my config files?

Thanks a lot so far.


PS: One of the machines is working with an nvidia 680GTX with the newest drivers and the other one is an Intel Notebook with an HD4000.

Hello again,

I have to correct myself … this is also happening with Cinnamon. With KDE everything works as it should …