Alt+Tab Erorr KDE 4

I just re-installed Suse after having everything running fine with Gnome, but I decided I liked KDE’s interface better, and did a clean reinstall with only KDE. It works great, except my whole screen goes black when I hit Alt+Tab to switch between windows and the OS freezes up. I can still move the mouse, but nothing is clickable and I have to just hold the power button down to force it off. Any suggestions?


On 07/11/2011 08:06 PM, soccerz619 wrote:
> my whole screen goes black when I hit Alt+Tab

your install is broken! did you have any errors during install? did you
install from a perfect install disk? (that is, did you do this prior to
this install:

you can try to use YaST to add a new test user, then log out and back in
as the new test user, and try Alt+Tab again, if it works ok for the new
user then it is a problem only in your /home…


I had no errors in either install. And I was just using it a minute ago, and the whole thing froze up and the screen went black, then came back on but stopped responding to mouse clicks. I will try the test user and try again, but I think it might just be KDE…