alt f2 and other keyboard shortcuts

Hey, It’s been a while since I’ve used OpenSuse and KDE so I’m trying to find my way around configuring keyboard shortcuts in 11. I cannot find the KDE Control Center where this has taken place in the past, or anything else, even after an exhaustive web search. The Documentation seems to be lacking this info as well.

Another related problem is that enabling Compiz seemed to stop Alt F2 from bringing up a run dialog. I’ve since disabled Compiz and rebooted, still Alt F2 does nothing.


not even a hint?

KDE3 or KDE4? In KDE4 control center there is keyboard and mouse section right in front page and there you can configure various keyboard shortcuts.

sorry i didn’t specify. this is kde3

I’m having the same problem. Are you using Compiz Fusion? Some googling suggests that might a factor.

i am using kde4 now, so couldnot quite remember where you set the keyboard shortcuts . but they are still there in " personal settings" (i remember trying those things before.

As you mentioned you are using compiz, it wont let you use the kde shortcuts even if you set them ( you will find them already set there :smiley: ) so what you have to do is set some key bindings in compiz.
Go to:

ccsm>General Options>Commands

then in commands fold, type : krunner in command line 0.
you can set other commands in other fields.
Now open the “key bindings” fold and assign the keys there to launch the commands you set before.
for command 0 , set <Alt+F2>

this will make you able to launch the kde “run dialog”.

enjoy :slight_smile:

kcontrol has been replaced with “system settings” in KDE 4.